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Dog and kitten cuddling together outside on grass turf

About Us

Front view of Evergreen Veterinary Clinic.

A Family-Oriented and Community-Based Veterinarian

From the very beginning, Evergreen Veterinary Clinic’s mission has been to serve families and their four-legged members with exceptional veterinary care. Many of our staff have been members of the Evergreen family since its opening, which helps us stay true to the warm, inviting atmosphere we’re known for.

Our Team
Corgi with leash in mouth sitting on sidewalk in a big city

Community Outreach

Yet, even further beyond that is our commitment to the greater East San Jose community. We believe in the power of giving back and are involved with a variety of local rescue organizations, school athletic teams, as well as pet assistance therapy. You can learn more about the work we do on our Community Outreach page.

Community Outreach