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Flea and Tick Prevention

Pests and Parasites

Dog getting combed for fleas

Mow Your Yard

Mowing your lawn is a great way to cut down on the risk of fleas in your home. Fleas tend to live on the ground outdoors, and they can often be found in areas with tall grass that is left unkempt for a long while.

By keeping your yard trimmed, clean, and neat, you’ll reduce the chances of fleas getting tracked inside from outdoors. This is also a great way to cut down on the presence of ticks around your home, too.

Ticks won’t have as many places to hide in your lawn if you keep it neat and trim it often.

Reduce Walks in Grassy Areas

Even if you love to go out walking or hiking with your dog, you should try to cut down on your walks through grassy or heavily wooded areas, at least during the warmer months of the year.

By reducing the time you spend in these areas, you’ll cut down on the risk of your dog being exposed to fleas and especially to ticks.

If you do spend time walking in these areas, you should make sure to carefully check your dog for ticks immediately after you get home. And check yourself for ticks, too!

Check Your Pet Often

One great way of preventing fleas and ticks is to simply check your pet often.

You may not notice a flea infestation or a tick bite until either of these situations gets out of control, and by then, you could have a much more serious problem on your hands.

Check your pet’s fur regularly and don’t forget to part the fur and look at your pet’s skin closely, too. If you notice your pet scratching more often than is normal, this may be a good sign you need to check.

However, you should plan to check your pet at least monthly for signs of fleas and ticks otherwise.

Clean Your Home

Whether your pet has fleas and ticks or not, you should keep your home clean for best results. The more often you clean your home, the more likely you will be to prevent any infestations before they get too serious.

Vacuuming and washing are both great ways to get rid of any flea eggs or ticks that might be present throughout your house. If you do notice fleas or ticks on your pet, you should definitely clean them.

Make sure to thoroughly clean your pet’s bedding and other areas where your pet spends most of their time, too.

Treat All Your Pets

Make sure you treat all your pets with flea and tick medication or the all-natural method you choose.

If you’re only treating one pet, you may still risk the other pets attracting fleas or ticks, and the preventative of your choice isn’t going to help very much.

Use Flea and Tick Preventative Products

You should use veterinarian-approved flea and tick preventative products for all of the pets in your household whenever possible. Your vet will work with you to find the solution that’s right for your pet.

You may choose drop-style medication that goes on your pet’s skin , oral flea and tick medication, or you may opt for a flea collar. If you prefer, you can choose an all-natural flea and tick remedy or preventative instead.

This method works well for many pets, but you should speak with your vet to be sure you choose the right all-natural and chemical-free solution for your furry friend based on your pet’s individual needs.

With so many options to choose from, you can easily find the best course of action for managing or preventing fleas and ticks for your pets.

And if you really want to have good luck, consider trying all of the above for best results!